Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training

Start and Grow Your Own Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Practice.

We help passionate RNs with at least 8 years’ experience
transition into Holistic RN Patient Advocacy and open their own RN patient advocacy private practices so they can help people in their communities as much as possible without feeling trapped by the healthcare system bureaucracy.

Our ApproAch

Our coaching approach is rooted in empathy, trust, and a deep understanding of human potential. We believe that everyone has unique strengths and talents waiting to be unleashed. Whether you're seeking personal growth, improved relationships, career advancement, or a better work-life balance, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Announcing Our newest Cohort


Hear from some of our students! You'll get a glimpse into what makes our program the go-to decision for passionate, experienced RNs who are ready to step outside of the hospital hamster wheel and help patients in a new and highly-desired way.

"This was the best course I have ever taken IN MY LIFE!" -Rosemary M.

"Karen is extremely knowledgeable about this subject and brings her own experiences to highlight the discussions."

"It was an eye-opener and so necessary in today’s world of health care."

"Karen does a great job of managing each subject and injecting current stories about whatever the subject is that day."

Karen Sanders, RN Holistic Patient Advocate, guided me in her 18 week virtual course showing and giving me all the tools to start a private practice business for the needed field of patient advocacy.

Karen Sanders has 8 years of personal expertise in the vital business of Medical Patient Advocacy, working and helping patients and their families in Western North Carolina.

Her 18 week program comprehensively covers all aspects of a private practice business and development with dozens of guest speakers (all experts in their specific field).

Throughout the course she emphasizes the importance of gaining an understanding of holistic, patient-centric approaches while we learn the ability to establish a private practice and to navigate healthcare systems.

During the course she guides each of us to acquire leadership skills. Through her many specialty speakers our class students have optimized communication skills and strategic planning skills. Skills range from marketing, billing, tech support, business name and objectives, skills, digital presence, legal requirements…. just to name a few of the topics covered. Each class offers essential information and coaching for establishing and running a successful patient advocacy practice.

And each class is fun! My fellow students came from all over the United States, mainly RNs. I’ve completed the class and am now in the phase of reunions and updates with our cohort group. There is still lots of work to be done yet now I have access to experts. I’ve acquired the basic tools to establish and run a private practice business.

Recommend this class with highest accolades.

Joanna Brown, MD


Meet Karen Sanders,


Founder, RN Patient Advocacy NC, PLLC

Founder, Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute ®

  • Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing

  • Board Certified in Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching

  • 45 Years of Nursing Experience in a variety of settings including hospitals, case management, leadership, and clinical informatics

  • Masters of Science in Nursing from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Private Practice as an RN Patient Advocate for more than 8 years

  • Transitioned from RN to RN Patient Advocate

  • Opened the Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute ® in 2019 to help others follow in her footsteps and has led 8 cohorts through the program as of February 2024

  • Ready to lead you along the journey to your own practice

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